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Meet Our Friendly Team of Instructors! 


A classically trained dancer and singer, Joelle travelled the world with the touring companies of some of the most beloved shows on Broadway (Grease, Annie Get Your Gun and Chorus Line, Radio City Christmas--to name a few). Throughout her stage career she understood the importance and value of being physically fit. Following her career on the stage, she transferred her focus and passion the Health & Fitness industry full time and excelled in Personal Training and teaching Group Fitness at many successful clubs.
• B.A. Dance • A.F.A.A. Certified Personal Trainer • A.F.A.A. Certified Primary Group • NCCPT Certified Personal Trainer • Certified Pre/Postnatal Instructor • CPR/AED Certified • Certified First Aid
Specialties: Barre, Balance, Core, Injury Prevention, Senior Fitness, Corrective Exercise, Prenatal/ Postpartum Conditioning, Post Physical Therapy, Strength and Conditioning, Body Sculpting, Stretch and Flexibility, Weight Management, TRX, Interval Training
As a collegiate swimmer, Robyn has always been focused on health and fitness. After a successful career in banking Robyn returned to the pool to coach and teach swimming at the Saw Mill Club. While working at the Club, Robyn was introduced to barre and quickly became a barre enthusiast. In 2016, Robyn became a certified barre instructor under the guidance of Nancy Singer. Robyn’s teaching style is deeply based in the Lotte Berk method. Robyn hopes that after class clients leave feeling confident, empowered and revitalized.
Dina found Barre 20 years ago and fell in love with the method.  After being a student for many years she became certified at the Saw Mill Club under Denise Walker in 2017. My teaching style is a traditional Lotte Berk barre class. I focus heavily on proper form and technique. I love to see the progress developing with each client.  Barre is a powerful and rewarding method. My classes build strength, tone and will fire up your core.  
Lindsay completed Sonic Yoga’s 200-hour teacher training program in 2014, which awakened her awareness of mind, body, creativity, and presence. Lindsay is in the process of completing Illumina Yoga’s 500- hour teacher training program, led by Johanna Bell. She practices and teaches different styles of yoga, but her heart is in teaching Vinyasa Flow because of the combination of strength, flexibility, and breath work it invokes. Lindsay likes to teach energetic sequences filled with playfulness and creativity, making connections between the environment, the chakra system, and the physical body.
Abby’s yoga journey began almost twenty years ago. While living in San Francisco, she came to understand how movement helped her release and let go, creating space for newly discovered energy. Appreciating how she felt while practicing (and afterwards), she made yoga a staple in her life. As life changed, yoga remained a constant. Even after periods of pause, she always returned to the mat.
After leaving a corporate job in 2017, Abby decided to become a 200 hours certified instructor. Formal training confirmed her path. She was now dedicated to helping others release and let go through their own personal practices.

Barre Instructor, Vegan, Boy Mom, Animal Lover and Exercise Enthusiast

My love of barre began immediately after attending my first class 9 years ago.

Throughout my life, I have always exercised and been physically fit. However, once I found barre, I knew it should be part of my daily routine. After a few years or routine classes and commitment, I decided I needed to further enhance my knowledge of barre.

I trained at the Saw Mill Club and became certified as a barre instructor in 2016 under the expert instruction of Nancy Singer. Both my training and teaching style is based on the original Lotte Berk Method. This is the initial method that all barre classes should be based upon. My classes are known to be challenging but I always give modifications to accommodate all fitness levels. Focusing on proper form and technique in order to achieve optimal results is my top priority. Sharing my love of barre with others who can see and feel their bodies changing and becoming stronger, leaner and increasingly toned is rewarding. It’s amazing to see the progress in each client who takes barre on a regular basis. I promise you will get a complete and challenging full body workout each and every time you join me in class.